For organization’s committed to realizing uncommon success!

Executive Strategy Sessions
Determine where to go and how to best get there given the obstacles identified
Performance Management Consulting & Workshops
Strategies and tactics for building a high performance culture
Leadership Mentoring & Executive Team Synergy
Get your executive team on the same page
Eliminate mixed messages and conflicting objectives/efforts
Alignment Audits
Ensure the right people, strategies, metrics, training and incentives are aligned to a clearly defined vision/objective.
Team Engineering & Conflict Resolution
Minimize tension and conflict in the workplace, value differences, drive synergy.
Leadership Performance Assessment
Lead, develop, align and retain your people for high-trust delegation.
Leadership Indexing, Workplace Indexing, Trust Indexing
What is your organization’s Leadership Index? Who enhances it? Who depresses it? Why?
7 Steps to High-Performance Staffing™
“The first time you feel the need to manage someone, you know you’ve made a hiring mistake. (Jim Collins, Good to Great)
Custom Performance Models
What differentiates your “A” players and how to identify more like them
Strategy-Based Metrics™
Create balanced measurements for high-trust empowerment/delegation.
Staff Selection and Retention Consulting & Workshops
What if your bottom 1/3 performed as your top 1/3 do?
Leading-Edge Assessments
Define your culture. Know its strengths and weaknesses.
Hire more like your top 1/3 and less like your bottom 1/3
Coach for maximum individual and team contribution to the business