About Us

Forming high-trust relationships, Performisys partners with its clients to formulate strategies and tactics that will truly ignite uncommon performance! Using a three-pronged approach that

  • develops living, actionable strategic plans aligned to a crisp vision,
  • gets the right people in the right place and
  • creates a high-performance culture driven by empowering leaders.

We can take your organization from ordinary to exemplary.

The opportunity to have real impact – to truly make a difference – is a driving force for all of us at Performisys.  It is this challenge that energizes our business life, whether we are working with a Board or Executive Team to crystallize vision and strategies, or working with departments to create a grassroots thrust at business improvement.  No matter whether we are coaching a supervisor dealing with difficult employees, or assisting an executive in selecting a critical team-member, or brainstorming how to allocate resources across competing priorities, you will always find us focused and committed to your success.

Our Strategic Planning model and facilitation process energizes the participants and takes them beyond the creation of a clear and meaningful vision to the confidence and commitment created by an executable plan.  Each participating leader owns “do-ables” with critical dates to ensure that action directly follows planning.

Our customizable Leadership Performance Survey assesses leaders and points the way to greater levels of cohesiveness and synergy – critical building blocks to a high-performance culture.  Pre- and post-employment assessments dramatically enhance hiring decisions, assuring that candidates possess competencies uniquely suited to functional needs and the culture, and then provide the guidance for effective coaching to capitalize on those competencies.

We’ve been igniting uncommon performance since 1991, and thanks to many referrals, have served highly satisfied clients throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Are you ready to move from vision to uncommon success?  Now is a great time to call us!

Our Backgrounds Emphasize

  • Creation of High-Performance Leadership Teams
  • Vision Development and Strategic Alignment
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Creation of High-Performance Work Environments
  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Performance Management
  • Staffing
  • Sales & Marketing

At the forefront of leadership thinking, we are the creators of the:

  • The Performance Pyramid™
  • Strategic Performance Line of Sight™
  • People-powered Performance™ Model
  • The Competency Trio™  & Metrics-Based Competency Model™
  • 7 Steps to High-Performance Staffing™
  • Leadership Performance Accelerator™
  • Leadership Performance Survey™  (LPS)
  • Leadership Indexing™
  • Workplace Indexing™
  • Trust Indexing™
  • The Loyalty Spiral™
  • Leadership by Natural Consequence™